Trading Execution

A one stop solutions to gain access to the world’s capital markets and executes trades in wide range of asset classes and financial instruments.

CBH Asia provides efficient and transparent execution through an established trading counterparty’s network while also benefiting from the group’s global trading capacities. Our trading desk provides you with trading access to all type of financial instruments.

Cash Management

We offer our clients major and selected exotic currency accounts.  In addition, we can arrange cash management solutions provided by well-known global financial institutions.


We offer our clients access to derivatives across major asset classes listed on major stock and derivative exchanges.


We offer our clients access to global equity markets through our selected global execution brokers’ network. Our experienced trading desk can provide market insights along with the most appropriate execution strategy to carry out the trade.


We offer our clients access to both physical and synthetic ETFs listed on all major markets across various strategies (long, short and leveraged).  For large transactions, we can also facilitate primary subscription along with sourcing OTC liquidity across the different issuers.

Fixed Income

We offer our clients access to both investment grade and high yield bond through our established broker network. Provided we are located in Hong Kong, we are specialize in securing liquidity in high yield and emerging market issuances.


We offer our clients access to onshore, offshore and alternative funds offered by global asset managers through our platform.

Structured products

We offer our clients access to our network of structured products providers that can offer competitive terms across both primary and secondary offerings across different asset classes. Our trading desk can also provide advice on the different structures along with the facilitation of secondary liquidity across the different issuers.