Wealth Solutions

With a holistic approach, we advise and review key financial planning and asset protection strategies so as to support you to achieve your life’s goals. CBH operates within an open architecture platform, working together with an international network of carefully selected external advisors, devising the best possible solutions to meet client’s needs.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Retirement planning
The importance of retirement planning and the inevitable cost of delay are often overlooked, but for many, retirement may last as long as their working lives. Making plans for a long and prosperous retirement should begin early to ensure the process is comfortable. For expatriates, repatriation of funds make the task more complex. Luckily, the range of strategies and opportunities has never been wider. Knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities available to you is key and essential. Our team has also developed a series of retirement models that aim to provide a clear picture of requirements pre- and post-retirement.

Succession planning

Succession planning can be one of the most difficult aspects of Wealth Planning to navigate. With this in mind, CBH works with a number of specialists who can advise you on all domestic and international issues involved in inheritance, in particular corporate succession planning. They will ensure that a client’s legacy is safe, secure and efficiently transferred to their chosen beneficiaries.

Education planning
A good education is the best gift parents can possibly give to a child and it is hard to disagree. However a good education is expensive and it is important to identify at an early stage in a child’s life (or even before) where those funds will come from. It is a simple but necessary commitment to your child’s future from which everyone benefits. We can help clients to assess the likely future cost associated with the necessary school fees and put together a solution to ensure the required amounts of capital are there when the need arrives.

Asset Protection

While working with professional advisors to implement appropriate asset protection strategies, our aim is to provide you unique solutions to your personal circumstances offering a stable asset base to prevent possible future issues and take efficient decision in a simple way.

From the analysis of multiple solutions like Trusts, Foundations and Private Label Funds and taking into account his specific situation, we will ensure that client’s assets are structured in the most secure way

The importance of retirement planning