Private Office

Consolidation of Assets

Reporting and record keeping can become tedious when you have many different assets, businesses and philanthropic activities to keep track of.
Our family office service performs diagnostic investment review and ensures that portfolios of assets, both financial and non-financial, are recorded and reported in a customized way according to client’s demands. We provide a detailed consolidated picture of your assets through consolidated reporting services.

Financing Solution

CBH can provide clients with an extensive range of counterparts that are able to provide specialists and complex financing arrangements that fit clients’ professional and lifestyle demands. In particular, we are able to assist you with financing real estate, aircraft or yachts. Moreover, CBH can help his clientele with private sale of assets, especially luxury real estate. Finally, CBH has an extensive expertise in issuing private placements.

Private Assets Administration

We can provide assistance for the administration of artwork, investment grade jewelry, boats and aircraft through our partnership network.

Banking Arrangement

We advise and facilitate your relationships with your corporate banks. If necessary, we can also provide assistance in the introduction of new corporate banks from our global network.