Asset Management

CBH asset management foundation lies on an investment philosophy built on two objectives: to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth in the long term.

Our investment philosophy aims for simplicity and transparency, and is established on four principles

Strong ideas : While diversification is important, we believe that asset management should be based on strong investment ideas both when selecting financial instruments and allocating assets between different classes.

Discipline : We believe that protecting capital during strong market declines represents the basis for long-term performance. This is why we always take account of market conditions and opportunities whilst ensuring diversification of the assets entrusted to us.

Flexibility : With financial markets becoming increasingly volatile and complex, the ability to adapt is essential in order to generate positive returns over the long term. Through their extensive experience and knowledge, our asset management teams adapt quickly to market movements, limiting negative effects and discovering new investment opportunities.

Transparency : At CBH we believe that trust remains a fundamental value when dealing with our clients. Full transparency in the management approach, the structure and composition of the portfolio seems to us to be the best way to build and keep this trust.

We provide our clients with bespoke solutions both in discretionary and advisory mandate.