Our commitments

Our commitments

With our headquarters in Geneva and offices in 7 countries, we know we can make a difference.

We are well aware of the major challenges of our age and that is why we support and encourage individual and collective action for real change. Through this commitment, we also put our founding values into action.

As a responsible company, CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique SA has adopted 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) officially established by the United Nations (UN). These goals, expressed below in the form of numbered and coloured icons, are the United Nations’ call to all people for sustainable economic growth, taking into consideration the social and environmental issues of each decision.


We have been committed to green and renewable energy for 10 years as environmental issues have become a priority for us. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our environmental impact by optimising the management of our energy resources and implementing a responsible purchasing policy.


To reduce paper consumption, the quantity of waste and employees’ business trips, CBH is constantly working on the digitalisation of its infrastructure.

So, our employees are encouraged to avoid unnecessary printing, to actively participate in waste sorting and paper recycling. Together we aim to reduce our impact on the environment and we actively fight against climate change.


We select our team members based only on their skills and achievements. We are well aware that particularly in the financial sector, women’s access to positions of responsibility is difficult, which is why we encourage applications from women and do our utmost to earn our right to be called an equal opportunities employer.

CBH is firmly committed to promoting diversity in all its forms as a true factor of growth and development.


Our employees and their contributions are our greatest asset. We encourage individual initiative and successful teamwork. The spirit of entrepreneurship is enshrined in our DNA and is shared by all our employees. Our mission is to support our customers and always respond better, faster and with the best solutions to meet their requirements and their needs.


As a committed employer, our responsibility towards our employees is twofold: on the one hand, we strive to put in place the best conditions to improve the company’s performance, and on the other hand, we aim to create a stimulating work environment that contributes to the well-being, fulfilment and professional and human development of each employee. We promote a culture of health at work and at home, and to this end we encourage the search for an optimal work-life balance.


We are alarmed by the distress and abandonment of endangered animal species, so we actively support several associations for the protection of animals and wildlife. Through our commitment, we aim to make our employees and customers aware of the responsibility of mankind with regard to animal life, particularly wildlife, which requires a clear separation of territory and special protection and respect.


We are committed to being a responsible and committed contributor to the economic, cultural and associative life of the community. As fervent admirers of the arts, patronage is an integral part of our history. It is only natural that we have been collaborating for many years with some of the major players on the local and international arts scene in the countries where we are present by contributing to various large-scale cultural events.

Our aim is to promote creativity and cultural innovation aimed at excellence and to encourage the influence of the artistic community in Switzerland and in the countries where we operate.

We believe in art as a means to achieve Good through Beauty. We believe in the ethical function of Art and Beauty. A concept very dear to the ancient Greeks, particularly Plato, the perfect synthesis between Beauty and Good was already known in the Old Testament, where the same word is used for both good and beautiful.


We are well aware that exclusion and poverty are a social scourge that undermines the basis of our community and concerns us all, we are also involved with associations fighting against disability and poverty in Switzerland and in other countries where we are present.