Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with clients founded on mutual trust, where the preservation and ongoing management of their wealth is the primary objective. We recognise that every client is unique; Therefore, our solutions are bespoke, aimed at clearly understanding each client's objectives and meeting their respective needs.

Our success to date has been achieved through our:

Universal Offerings

We are able to research the universe of financial products offered by global financial institutions and fund managers and select the most suitable investment solutions for our clients.

Ongoing Client Service

Client retention is the cornerstone of our existence, so we understand the importance of clear lines of communications with our clients.

Professional Advice

Personal circumstances change from time to time. As a medium-sized company, we are able to provide a flexible approach to our clients which cannot usually be found with bigger companies.

Client Understanding

It is important that our clients have a clear understanding of their financial position so that they can confidently plan for the future. We help clients understand our recommendations by simplifying their overall affairs and avoiding complicated terminology. This is an integral part of our working progress.


CBH Asia is led by entrepreneurs. As such, we have a better understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations.</p> <p>The flexibility and availability of its Senior Management to all of our clients enables CBH Asia to respond rapidly with tailor-made solutions.