Senior Management

Patrick Wong – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wong is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Responsible Officer for CBH Asia. He joined from the parent company, CBH Group, following the completion of the acquisition and is responsible for leading the development of CBH Asia Limited.

Mr. Wong is an established professional in the banking and securities industry, having gained 20 years’ experience specialising in compliance issues, treasury, settlement processes, internal audit, and valuation with financial instruments.

Mr. Wong is a Certified Public Accountant (Australia) and a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Jon Dingley – Head of Private Wealth

Mr. Dingley is the Head of Private Wealth and Responsible Officer for CBH Asia Limited and has been with company since the beginning of 1996.

Daily responsibilities include the investment management of client portfolios and the management of the Private Wealth Team.

He started his career at Deloitte & Touche in South Africa.

Roberto Rodriguez – Head of Operations

Mr. Rodriguez is the Head of Operations for CBH Asia Limited. He joined from the parent company, CBH Group where he started in 2011, following the opening of the new booking center in Hong Kong.

Mr. Rodriguez overseeing the business operations of the company including the implementation of technology and services strategies.

Prior to joining CBH Asia Limited, Mr. Rodriguez held various positions with other major banking institution and as Business Project Manager in Geneva Headquarters taking the lead of different projects to develop the bank services.